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Mobile Security (Forg)

Today, mobile phones are used as a tool for establishing audio, video and text communications on the web, as well as storing and processing information on a large scale. Different software with different purposes and applications are designed for smartphones. In addition, the possibility of connecting to communication networks and other devices is also a feature of smart phones. Connecting mobile phones to various computer networks and other devices, along with numerous opportunities, will also lead to security threats. Therefore, when using smartphones, especially in enterprise applications, it is necessary to protect the operating system against malicious programs or intruders. Mobile security software designed to control access and mobile resources. This software has the ability of local management as well as remote management. All the capabilities of the device are available to users with a license issued by the administrator.
Forg mobile security software is equipped with native services such as secure contacts application, SMS application, secure image gallery and camera application. The policy of this software is determined and applied by the manager. The administrator is able to view the application control panel by entering the username and password. In this panel, the administrator can define new users and assign them a password. After creating a normal user, the administrator is able to view the user settings file and change the user's access to applications and other features of the phone. The administrator can specify which mobile applications the user is allowed to access, the communication methods and the capabilities of the device. The administrator can authorize the installation or removal of applications for the user. Also, the administrator can control the device remotely using special SMS commands. This software also provides remote management (server-based) capability in this program.
✔️ Creating and personalizing user profiles for mobile phone users ✔️ Control user access to mobile applications by creating "Restricted", "Blocked" and "Normal" statuses for each software: The local administrator can allow the user to access an application (normal) or cut off the user's access to the application (Blocked). Admin can also restrict user access to entering a password. In the limited case, the administrator must first define a password in the admin panel for restricted user access. Otherwise, the restricted state becomes a blocked state. ✔️ Controlling the communication ports of the device by providing the possibility of activating or deactivating the microphone, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth and mobile data: The manager can block the user's access to the microphone in the profile of each user and the possibility of activating Wi-Fi and Bluetooth and mobile data. Also, the administrator can block the possibility of using OTG for USB connection and the possibility of connecting to the computer for the user. ✔️ Prevent the user from entering the operating system settings: In the user profile, the administrator can block the user's access to the phone settings. ✔️ Ability to delete all information if the phone is rooted: If the phone is rooted, all information on the phone will be deleted. ✔️ Preventing the user from installing or deleting programs: The administrator can block the possibility of installing or deleting programs by the user. ✔️ Blocking and preventing the execution of programs after installation: After the initial installation, it is necessary for the local manager to issue the user access permission for the software. Otherwise, user access to this program will be blocked. ✔️ Ability to perform control operations by sending a text message to the smartphone from the specified number:   • Delete all phone information   • Delete call history on your phone   • Delete all phone text messages   • Complete removal of the phonebook   • Cell phone lock   • Return mobile phone from lock mode to normal ✔️ Connecting the SIM card to the phone: Using the possibility of Binding the SIM card to the phone by the administrator, only the SIM cards validated by the administrator will be usable and in case of replacement of the SIM card by the user, the program will lock the phone. . ✔️ Web management of mobile phones: This program can be managed and controlled by the administrator under a central web server. All management functions that can be applied by the local manager can be done remotely under the centralized network and server. ✔️ Centralized monitoring and reporting system: The web server of the system provides the capabilities of monitoring and reporting the activities of users. These reports include the following:   • Root report: If the user intends to root the phone in any way, the command to delete the phone data will be executed from the year log to the server.   • App Report: Report an attempt to access restricted or blocked apps   • Activation Report: User Activation Report   • Password report: A report of the number of user attempts to log in, currently active users   • Resource Report: Report user access to each of the phone's resources and communication ports ✔️ Web management console: to make changes by the manager included   • View phone type and operating system version   • View a list of software installed on the phone   • Hierarchical Management: Create a group and assign a manager to each group   • Manage hardware resources and communication ports   • Define a new user with a specified access level   • No need for user approval to make changes   • Send changes after the phone first connects to the network   • Send operational commands through the management console   • Ability to view file management applications, secure phonebook, SMS and phone gallery remotely