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Web Cache system (ASPA WebCache)

Web Cache system (ASPA WebCache)

Caching provides a high-speed data storage layer where part of the data is stored. Caching is usually transient in nature; This means that the storage of these data is temporary and after a certain period of time, those data can be deleted automatically or manually. Therefore, according to what has been said, in Web cache technology, site information is stored in the system for reuse in the future. This means that when a website is opened for the first time, in addition to being displayed to the user, all the data of that website is saved; The next time the same site is opened by another user, the Web cache system loads the site content from its cache without sending a request to the server. By reducing the server load, this technology helps it to respond to other requests faster.
Web cache brings many benefits and uses for your website. A few of them are mentioned below: ✔️ By saving the static files of the site, it increases the speed and performance of the website. ✔️ It helps to reduce the load and resource consumption on the website hosting server. This advantage is very important especially for people who have limited hosting. ✔️ As the speed of the website increases, the probability of ranking in search engines increases. Note that this also depends on other criteria such as the quality of the site's content and the site's SEO settings. However, Google also considers site speed in its rankings. ✔️ Websites with web cache technology will provide a better user experience due to their high speed and will increase user satisfaction with your site.
The ASPA-WebCache system is a Web-Cache system for storing responses that have already sent their corresponding requests to the server. In this system, if there is a suitable response for a request, there is no need to communicate with the protected server. This possibility increases the response speed and reduces the load of the protected server. In this system, two technologies, normal cache and Ultra cache, are used to store the server's response. A normal cache stores responses on the hard disk, which has a low access speed in the memory hierarchy. Ultra Cache is a special type of cache that stores frequently used responses in main memory (RAM).
The ASPA WebCache system is known as a very powerful system in order to optimize user communication with website servers. In this system, not only the possibility of advanced setting of website data caching is provided, but also other capabilities in this regard have been provided to website administrators. Some of the features of this system are mentioned below:   • HTTPS protocol support   • Provision of policyable cache   • Providing policyable cache in the main memory in order to effectively reduce the response time   • Policyable content compression compatible with standard browsers   • Ability to define server based on fixed address or DNS name   • Ability to manage bandwidth and limit user requests to the server   • Registration of website user access reports   • Ability to automatically backup system configurations and reports   • High availability to the system   • VLAN support and definition of unlimited IPs for proxy caching   • Ability to define system users with different access levels   • Ability to automatically update the system   • The ability to respond to one hundred thousand transactions per second   • NTP support to set the system time   • Ability to rewrite addresses in the server response