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Ayandeh Sazan Pardash Amn Company (ASPA), located in Isfahan Scientific and Research Town, with the aim of providing specialized services in the field of information and communication technology security and relying onspecialized and experienced human capital, has started to produce firewall products for web applications. This product has been marketed under the ASPA WAF brand after various tests in operational environments.The technology of this product is indigenous to the approval of the working group for evaluation and qualification of knowledge-based companies. Designed in accordance with the requirements of Section 6.6 of the PCI DSS V3.0 and ISO / IEC 27001, the ASPA WAF system covers all major vulnerabilities reported by OWASP. The reverse proxy model is used and the implementation in the form of networked hardware ensures the independence of existing websites and applications and protects a large number of separate servers without any changes. In this system, the latest security rules and signatures of attacks developed in several international software laboratories have been combined and their redundancies have been eliminated through detailed studies. Aspa's exclusive rules are updated at various intervals and along with the latest changes in the system's executive programs, are provided to customers offline and online through update servers in Iran. Decrypting the HTTPS protocol in this system allows the encrypted content to be controlled and encrypted attacks to be prevented. In addition, it is possible to use HTTPS Offloading separately to reduce the processing load of protected servers. Using antivirus with the ability to install custom client antivirus prevents malicious files from loading. The nativeness of the technology used in ASPA WAF has been approved by the Working Group for the Evaluation and Recognition of Qualifications of Knowledge-Based Companies. Having local knowledge provides strong customer support. Creating a custom set of rules to address each customer's specific needs and vulnerabilities is part of this support. In addition to this knowledge, our focus on upgrading our QoS components sets us apart from other competitors. Specialized Web Cache design for static content processing as well as the use of compression algorithms compatible with all browsers, in addition to increasing security, significantly increases the speed of customers' web. The algorithms used for dynamic content as well as SSL compression also work. Features such as Ultra Cache and dedicated alert correlation are other benefits that will be added to the system in later versions. Iranian WAF
ASKING TEAMWORKING WITH ASPA COMPANY At Aspa Engineering Knowledge-Based Technical Company, we need a full-time C ++ programming partner. ✔️ Speciale conditions:  • C++ Developer ✔️ General conditions:  • Has a team spirit  • Responsible  • Interested in personal learning and development  • Timely and committed  • Good attitude ✔️ The following are considered points:  • Introduction to Qt and Wt libraries  • Introduction to PostgreSQL database  • Introduction to network and security concepts  • Introduction to web security concepts  • Introduction to frontend design  • Introduction to Linux operating system ✔️ Benefits of cooperation:  • Professional, dynamic, creative environment  • Flexible working hours (telecommuting is not considered)  • On-the-job training  • Regular payment  • Social Security premiums

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